Sep. 29th, 2006

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Hi guys!

Today is a good day. We've signed a contract for the new house and a cloud of kindness has descended and enveloped all my senses. Turns out, it is important to be surrounded by a well-lit space, not feel that the walls are closing in on you and dream about all the fun people who can share this new place with you. Turns out, I am only human.

I find it ironic, though, that among all the possible names of the streets (Heinestrasse, Marcus-Aurelius Weg) we ended up on a Fritz-Walter. I mean, how much more German can it be? Unfortunately I don't know who the great dude was, but such things simply don't matter to me today, for - in the longest time - I am so happy!

Even reading some posts about US ceasing military funding in Thailand because of the coup did not bother me, though those people obviously see things from their own narrow mind and then pour dirt on anyone who disagrees. For my part, I must say, the coup was great! Especially since I almost never felt it, only at our last concert.

Apropos, Ben-the-Drummer tells me now, there was a review of our concert in the Outlook section of the Bangkok post. Guess what? The violins (that's me) got praise while the celli were considered to be "weak". I laughed. And then I laughed some more. And when I finished laughing, I still smiled in the best Thai manner.

Life is good. Even when it's based on one newspaper review.

Share it.


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