Sep. 27th, 2006

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Back from Bangkok. "The land of smiles" was great, the food and the people outstanding, even the putch was cute when soldiers came and wanted to take a picture with us before our concert in the big hall. I did not see the King who is much loved in this country but I wore yellow just the same and played the National Anthem while standing. The King must have a sense of humor, too, since we also played his piece, something about the sunset on the river, which was both fun and jazzy. The trumpet player, some professor from a German conservatory did not skip the chance to kiss the hand of a beautiful Latvian violinist Inga, much to hooting and jubilation of the Thai Philarmonic musicians. My own partner Wittaya told me kissing is not done in Thailand - what about married people, I asked? He made a sour face (still smiling, since it's rude to show any sign of anger and displeasure) and said: "At home". Of course I made sure to hug him after our last concert, much to his embarassment and joy. :-)

There were much deeper stories of trust and much brighter sparkles of universal feelings. A Thai girl fell in love with our Teddy-bear Benni, snatched him away from all social functions and shared his despair for not being able to cut through some problem area in the city due to martial law and curfew to get to her (yeah, the putch was serious, though we've never felt it). Then a Latvian by the name of Maris (as opposed to all other who are called Juris) invited me to share his life in Riga. And of course the intimate closeness of a Thai massage girls who climb all over your body like cats leaves you puzzled, all while Michel Houlbeque grins from the dark corners of your soul, polluted with joy and sun.

As soon as I will get a house with regular internet access, there will be photos of the Thai splendor. For now, some members of our orchestra plus a new Thai girlfriend of Benni. And Singha beer. Always.

Me and the manager of the Thai Phil
who said, he'd take care of me if I decided to come and work for them. I think his name was Gnom. Or Nom. Or something like that. :-) Shy boy, though it doesn't seem like it. Funny as hell, too.


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